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Edu360™ —Integrated Database System (Suku™ High School Management System


Suku™ High is an easy to learn and use comprehensive school management system that improves and streamlines every operation and interaction of a high school. The system is an advanced enterprice resource planning solution that is available to single organization institutions as well as school systems (group of schools operated by one organization).

The system automates the entire student life-sycle —integrating admissions, registration, student billing, scholarships, reporting, communication, collaboration and more into a single system that includes built-in self-service portals, provided under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) terms. Suku™ High integrates all departments, teachers, non-teaching staff, students, alumni, parents or guardians, school administrators, suprintendents, etc.


  • Interactive Student Database: ease the management of student information and provide an interactive database of student information that is easily accessible and always available for qualified staff.
  • Interactive Teacher Database: easily enter and make basic information about staff members available to qualified administrators.
  • Online Scheduling easily create school’s academic schedule and class schedules can be customizable to schools and specific to each grade level. quick and less prone to errors.
  • Attendance: provide online attendance pages that will make taking attendance quick and less prone to errors.
  • Automated Grading: make recording and calculating grades simple and efficient by simply entering the student grades and the overall class grade is automatically averaged and updated.
  • Automate Report Cards Generation: streamline the process so that report cards are no longer a hassle to produce by automatically completing report cards using the school’s interactive database.
  • Automated Transcript Generation: enable the school to make professional and completely customizable transcripts that are truly unique.
  • Unified Communication: keep everyone in touch 24‐hours a day by automating communication between the school, teachers and parents.
  • Online Admissions: take the hassle out of enrolling new students by tracking new student inquiries and enrolling students for the next semester all online.
  • Parent Portal: enable parents to be connected to their student’s classroom and teachers 24‐hours a day thereby enabling parents’ involvement and active participation in their student’s education.
  • Fee Tracking & Online Payments: provide a simple way to charge fees, manage payments, print and save receipts, and even a way to deliver payment notices online

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We are a limited liability company registered in Liberia with a national agenda and global focus. We are engaged in the following: provision of state-of-the-art IT services and solutions which are tailored to our clients' businesses, sale of state-of-the-art IT equipment and provision of up-to-date IT training and consultancy to individuals and organizations of all backgrounds and educational levels.

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