Comax ICT Limited Awarded at the 49th National Youth Day Celebration


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We are honored to announced that we received an award from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Republic of Liberia. The award was presented to us by the Ministry at the 49th National Youth Day celebration held on October 28-29, 2018 at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sport Complex in Paynesville, the outskirt of Monrovia. The Youth Day brings together Youth organizations, businesses as well as civil society organizations that are into developing the human capital of Liberia’s youthful population. This year’s 49th National Youth Day and the 8th National Youth Conference was hosted under the theme “Sustain the Peace, Foster Development towards the achievement of the Pro-Poor Agenda.”

Inscribed on the award, are the following words:

Ministry of Youth & Sports 49th National Youth Day, Republic of Liberia

Award Presented to Comax ICT Limited, in recognition of your Valuable Contributions towards Youth Development, Empowerment & Employment in Liberia.

2018Comax ICT Limited Awarded on the 49th National Youth Day Celebration

At Comax ICT® Limited, everything we do, we believe in strategic partnership; partnering with our clients to effect positive changes in societies. Whether it is to achieve societal empowerment through improved education and/or health delivery services, assist other institutions (profit, non-profit and public) achieve more with scarce resources, or to empower governments to better interact with and provide service to the public. We do this by providing innovate, reliable and affordable technology solutions (products, services, and training) to individuals, organizations and governments.

It was an honor to have received this award. This shows that our work is being observed. Yes, this may have been given in recognition of work done but we consider it a directive to continue doing what we do with excellence and at a greater scale. I believe with my team members, to whom I dedicate this award, the sky is not even the limit.

~ Leo Maxwell — President, Comax ICT® Limited

from the Public Relations Office