Aminata Coupon Management System - ACoMS

Aminata Coupon Management System - ACoMS

ACoMS™, a customized system built for Aminata & Sons Inc., is a comprehensive solution software which provides the opportunity for all stakeholders involved with the coupons sale and distribution process of the company to have instant access to information required to facilitate decision making, accelerate workflow, and automate processes like validation of petroleum coupons, and disabling/voiding coupons electronically.

Using ACoMS™ Mobile module with integrated point-of-sale, pump attendants can validate coupons, track the sale of products as well as payments received and/or coupons serviced. In addition, the system enables customers to validate and track their purchase using information on receipts issued by the pump attendant.

With its enhanced reporting feature, the inventory on coupons can easily be viewed with realtime alerts on threshold stock balanced. A filling station manager has instant insight on coupons serviced or cash received at his station during a work day.


Aminata & Sons Inc.


30 April 2018


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