BMC Group Construction Company Website

BMC Group Construction Company Website

BMC Group Construction Company is Liberia's leading construction and consulting company recognized as the benchmark for quality and most affordable price. The company is engaged in diverse business activities and its affiliation offers comprehensive services in engineering consultancy and supply of building materials.

Comax ICT® Limited was contracted to design, develop, host and maintain a modern and dynamic website and corporate email for the company that will meet its needs as well as the socio-technical requirements of today's internet users.

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BMC Group Construction Company


30 December 2015



About us

We are a limited liability company registered in Liberia with a national agenda and global focus. We are engaged in the following: provision of state-of-the-art IT services and solutions which are tailored to our clients' businesses, sale of state-of-the-art IT equipment and provision of up-to-date IT training and consultancy to individuals and organizations of all backgrounds and educational levels.

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